NWAR-Hosted 2023-24 Real Estate CE

NWAR WI Real Estate CE 2023-24

ALL broker licensees (no exceptions) and any salespersons licensed before 10/1/24 must complete 18 hours of qualified Real Estate CE courses to fulfill your 2023-24 CE requirements and renew your license by 12/14/24.   This biennium, Wisconsin real estate CE consists of eighteen 1-hour courses rather than the six 3-hour courses from previous CE seasons.

Please CLICK HERE to register for WRA-led Livestream CE that will be co-hosted on our big screen at the NWAR Board office in Woodruff on Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 2/20 thru 3/7 (3 courses each morning).  Each course will be a livestream of ~1 hour hosted by a WRA instructor with 15-minute breaks between each class, and we will provide handouts of the course materials for each.  Bring a smartphone or laptop since at the end of each course, you will be given ~10 minutes to complete a 5-question multiple choice quiz online.  To pass, you must get 4 of 5 or 80% correct.

NOTE: If you wish to attend WRA Livestream CE at your home or office rather than at NWAR, please do not register at the link above -  click here to instead register directly with WRA.

NAR Code of Ethics:  Completing all five of CE Courses 2, 3, 7, 10 & 11 will also fulfill your NAR Code of Ethics triennial training requirement for the 2022-24 cycle.

Seating in our boardroom is limited so signup below ASAP and we will confirm a seat is saved for you.  If demand far exceeds capacity, we may relocate nearby and will update those registered if the location changes.  Map to NWAR board office: https://g.page/NWAR-GNMLS?share

COST:  $11.00 per 1-hr course for REALTORS or $12.00 per 1-hr course for non-REALTORS.  NWAR Members who take all 18 courses with NWAR may subtract the cost of 3 (continuing our past "6-for-5" Member CE discount), so the total for NWAR Members taking all 18 courses is $11 x 15 = $165.  Checks may be mailed in advance to:  NWAR, PO Box 377, Woodruff WI 54568 or you can indicate on the registration form if you'd like us to email you a Paypal invoice.

If you cannot attend any classes for which you registered, you may request a refund or reschedule for a future video CE class hosted at NWAR.   Click here to view video CE hosted at NWAR starting in April & October.

SAFETY:  No special requirements and all attendees agree to attend at your own risk.  If you are feeling at all unwell, PLEASE cancel and we will refund or reschedule any classes you miss.