2023-24 Real Estate CE Classes & License Renewal Info

2021-22 Real Estate CE

WRA is kicking off the 2023-24 biennial CE season with a handful of classes starting 6/20/23.  No rush to register since salespersons and brokers still have ~18 months to complete 18 hours of real estate CE and renew your license by 12/14/2024. 

Rather than completing six 3-hour courses as in the past, Wisconsin real estate licensees must complete 12 mandatory + 6 elective courses of 1 hour each in 2023-24.  While the total hours are thus unchanged, this will help you complete CE when you have an hour to spare here and there rather than having to set aside a half or full day to complete one or two 3-hour courses.  Click below to explore WRA's CE options - live, virtual and/or on-demand:

WRA 2023-24 Real Estate Continuing Education: www.wra.org/RECEInfo

REAL ESTATE CE REQUIREMENTS: Real estate licensees must complete 18 hours of 2023-24 WI Real Estate CE and renew your license before it expires on 12/14/2024 - we suggest getting all classes done by 11/30/24.  The only exception is for salesperson licensees who obtained their license after 10/1/2024. Any salespersons licensed before 10/1/24 and ALL brokers (without exception) must complete 2023-24 CE and renew your license by 12/14/24.  See WRA CE FAQs and/or a helpful WRA video explaining license renewal at: http://bit.ly/WRA-RenewGuide for more info. 

REAL ESTATE LICENSE RENEWAL: You will need your license number (license lookup here) and pin (pin lookup here), six CE course names & dates plus provider name ("Wisconsin REALTORS Association" for any courses taken with WRA or NWAR - view WRA CE history here).

ONLINE LICENSE RENEWAL LINK: https://online.drl.wi.gov/UserLogin.aspx

BUSINESS ENTITY LICENSE RENEWAL: Broker-owners who operate a registered business entity should also make sure it is renewed by 12/14/23.  CLICK HERE for instructions (at bottom) and you can lookup your entity license here under "Organizational Credentials/Licenses". You can find your business entity name by looking up your broker's license and clicking the "Relationships" tab.  Use the link in red above to renew your entity license.  

Contact matt@northwoodsrealtors.org or call 715-356-3400 if you have any questions.