REALTOR Safety Resources

Safety of our Members, their families and their clients is of paramount importance to the National Association of REALTORS, the Wisconsin REALTORS Association and the Northwoods Association of REALTORS.  To help provide our Members with the knowledge and tools you need to stay safe whether at the office, showing a property or while at home, we have compiled the following resource links below.

It goes without saying that the most important safety tool is your brain.  Here is a quick list of key safety tips:

  1. Trust your instincts and avoid situations that don't feel right
  2. Always meet customers at your office and record their info:  driver's license, license plate and contact info
  3. Always make sure a buddy knows where you are going, who you are with and when you should be back
  4. Make sure your cellphone is charged and carry it on you - have emergency numbers or apps on the ready
  5. Establish a danger word with your buddy to text or say if you need help and have your buddy check in with you at regular intervals
  6. Keep your purse and any valuables locked in your trunk (or leave them at home) and keep your car locked at all times
  7. You know your neighborhoods, so avoid going to areas that you perceive as unsafe
  8. Let the customer enter before you and leave the front door wide open, keeping a clear path between yourself and the door
  9. Park near the curb instead of the driveway so you cannot be blocked in
  10. Lock your office doors after hours and/or get a door that unlocks with a buzzer

REALTOR Safety Links:

SentriLock Agent Safety (Sentrilock users):

NAR REALTOR Safety Page:
NAR Presentations:
NAR Videos:
NAR Webinars:

NWAR REALTOR Safety Lunch & Learn Resources:

Safety Reference Materials:

Agent Identification Form (DOC: 26 KB)
Agent Itinerary (DOC: 33 KB)
Office Safety Action Plan (DOC: 35 KB)
Prospect Identification Form (DOC: 31 KB)

Safety Alert Resources:

Severe Weather Alerts (text or email):
WI Radio Reference (VHF Frequencies):

Wisconsin Crime Alert Network:
Wisconsin Emergency Management:

Code Red Mobile Alert (all counties):

Forest Co Emergency Alerts:
Oneida Co Emergency Alerts:
Price Co Sheriff's Alerts:
Vilas Co Sheriff's Alerts: