Become a NWAR REALTOR or Affiliate Member

ALREADY A REALTOR?  If you are already a REALTOR (Broker, Agent or Appraiser) in good standing with another local REALTOR association and wish to access Greater Northwoods MLS, CLICK HERE for details on GNMLS Membership.  Membership with NWAR is not required for existing REALTORS to join GNMLS.

NWAR REALTOR Membership:

Before proceeding with the steps to join the Northwoods Association of REALTORS®, you must have a valid real estate or appraisal license; we cannot process any applications without proof of your active license.   For details about how to complete the required training and testing to become a licensed salesperson or broker, please visit and go to Education -> Careers.   Deeply discounted online pre-license education courses are available through NWAR - contact us at 715-356-3400 for more information.

Once you have an active real estate license number, you may proceed with the following steps:

  • If you are working for a broker/firm, confirm that your managing broker has submitted the Notice of Real Estate Employment Form (#812) (plus $10 fee) via the Wisconsin DSPS LicensE platform.
  • Complete the NWAR Membership Application (PDF) and view the REALTOR Membership dues table below to determine your dues total according to the month your license was registered with your firm/broker, which you can determine by looking up your license on the DSPS website - start date is shown under "Relationships" tab.
    • NOTE:  Annual membership renewal statements are mailed in September each year.  If you are joining NWAR in September or later, note that you will be mailed a renewal statement for the following year soon after joining.
    • NWAR initiation fee is waived for existing REALTORS in good standing who transfer into or join NWAR as a secondary association.  Applicable WRA and/or NAR fees are also waived if already paid for the current year through another local association.
  • Return the completed NWAR Membership Application with payment (check or money order please) and if applicable, a letter of good standing from your current local association to:

Northwoods Association of REALTORS (or "NWAR")
PO Box 377
Woodruff, WI 54568

  • Please be aware that there are no dues refunds after you have been accepted as a Member.
  • NWAR staff will contact you with your NAR ID (aka NRDS ID) number, MLS ID, and instructions to register with NAR, WRA and other partners (eg: SentriLock, zipForm).
  • TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: New REALTORS must complete the following within 90 days of joining or as noted:

    • REALTOR Orientation 2.5hr live webinar - waived for existing REALTORS in good standing
    • NAR/WRA video playlist & quiz (~1hr) - waived for existing REALTORS in good standing
    • NAR Code of Ethics (New Members) course - waived for existing REALTORS in good standing
    • NAR Fairhaven simulation - required for ALL - including existing REALTORS - joining NWAR
    • If joining GNMLS, complete MLS Training (live or offline) within 60 days
    • Attend one of our next two NWAR General Membership Meetings (Election Dinner - Jun, Installation Dinner - Sept, Xmas Party - Dec) to be inducted as a REALTOR and enjoy a free dinner.  You may instead opt to be inducted during a monthly board meeting (live, phone or virtual) but would forfeit the free dinner (induction not applicable for existing REALTORS)

2024 NWAR REALTOR (Broker/Salesperson/Appraiser) Dues Table

Month JoiningNWARNWAR InitiationWRAWRA InitiationNARNAR AssessmentTotal

NWAR Affiliate Membership:

With your paid Affiliate Membership to NWAR, you will receive our monthly newsletter and can sponsor/attend all Member events and meetings, vote in elections, serve on committees and even run for the NWAR Board of Directors. Affiliate Membership is available to licensed professionals in real estate partner businesses such as title companies, banks and mortgage lenders, insurance providers and home builders.

NWAR Affiliates are also Affiliate Members of the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA), which allows you the benefits of education, legal services, products, networking/marketing, representation, publications, and access to the WRA website with links to various resources relating to the real estate industry. WRA Affiliate Membership Benefits

Please complete and return our Affiliate Membership Application to apply for NWAR Affiliate Membership.

If you are not interested in a NWAR Affiliate Membership but would like to advertise with our Members, visit the NWAR Sponsors page to learn more about becoming a NWAR Sponsor.

2024 NWAR Affiliate Member Dues Table

Month JoiningNWARNWAR InitiationWRAWRA InitiationNARTotal