Pivo for Real Estate: Photo & Marketing Power Tool


Pivo for Real Estate turns your smartphone into a powerful real estate photography tool and your new social media sidekick. Pivo starts with a motorized smartphone mount, wireless remote and a smartphone app that does the magic for you.  Just place your phone in the Pivo smart mount on a tripod, click a button on the Pivo remote, and you’re on your way to creating immersive 360-degree tours, floorplans and dollhouse models, and social media content to share widely in just a few clicks!

Pivo is also your virtual AI cameraman for making dynamic videos and social media commercials with ease.  It can auto-track your movement while touring a property discussing key features or host a hands-free live video call with clients.  Pivo also helps post and syndicate your content within your geofenced target market to digitally farm for new prospects, making it one of the most powerful lead generation tools in real estate today!  Visit youtube.com/@PivoRealtor for videos showing Pivo’s simple and powerful features for real estate and social media content generation.

Pivo also has NO hosting, subscription or recurring fees and includes unlimited captures, 360 virtual tours and dollhouses, social media posts and more.  Just choose an affordable Pivo Pro Real Estate package, enter the NWAR/GNMLS Member promo code NWARPIVO at checkout to save $100, and you’ll soon be easily creating high-quality, high-tech digital content to  wow your clients and reach a wider audience to expand your brand!  Free classes every Monday too at: bit.ly/3UjXnu2

Use Promo Code NWARPIVO to Save $100 at:  pivorealestate.com