The NWAR Family Scholarship Committee is now accepting applications through May 1st.  If you are a NWAR Member (REALTOR or Affiliate) of 1+ years and the parent or legal guardian of a student who is graduating from high school or the equivalent this year, your student may apply for a scholarship toward tuition and books at college or trade/vocational school (including real estate pre-license).

The Scholarship Committee and NWAR Board modified the program this year to switch from a 4-year renewable scholarship back to a one-time award for each scholarship recipient.  This was done out of concern for students who may not require 4 years of post-secondary education to begin their career.  Additionally, the award budget has been increased to allow for larger minimum awards (min $500, max $1000) and to offer more total scholarships (as many as 6).

CLICK HERE for the NWAR Family Scholarship application and apply by the May 1st deadline.

Applications received after May 1st will not be considered. Scholarship recipients will be notified by mid-May and will be invited to our election dinner on June 6th (at Coon's Franklin Lodge in Arbor Vitae) to be recognized and enjoy a free meal!

2016-2018 Scholarship Renewals: If you are the parent of a 2016 through 2018 NWAR Family Scholarship recipient who has maintained eligibility for renewal (see 2018 application page 5 for renewal eligibility rules), please remind your student to send proof of re-enrollment for fall 2019 by August 1st to staff@northwoodsrealtors.org. Contact us if you have any questions.