What are GNMLS rules for NAR Policy 8.0 "Clear Cooperation"?

GNMLS Policy is modified in that listings must be entered into GNMLS database prior to any other advertising.

GNMLS Policy in the GNMLS Policies & Procedures states:

Any listing that is entered into the GNMLS, must be entered into the GNMLS database prior to any public marketing outside of the firm and/or inquiries being solicited from non-clients. Excluding a property from GNMLS entry does not negate an Agent’s responsibility to cooperate with fellow REALTORS®, though this may be evidence of external marketing. This policy not only applies to actions taken by MLS Participants/Subscribers, but also to any advertising actions taken by the seller(s) or other parties. Office exclusive listings must have the listing contract adjusted with an Office Exclusive Addendum that disallows all signage, MLS entry and other public marketing. Fines are $50 1st offense, $100 2nd offense, $250 3rd offense, $500 4th offense. All offenses and fines are per firm determined and assessed per firm rather than per subscriber.

Send the first and last pages of your contract with the Addendum for Office Exclusive or One-Party listings.

Waivers may be filed to withhold entry in some circumstances. You can find a general waiver here for listings that are either not qualified for entry or are optional and the seller wishes to keep them out of the MLS. Examples of not qualified is a listing co-listed with a non-member, not offering compensation or not listed with a single listing price. An example of an optional listing is one outside our core 7-county service area.