Where can I get info about the SentriSmart app and new bluetooth lockboxes?

Here are some useful resources:


"I assume everyone isn't running to their listings swapping out old lockboxes for new ones...so how are you supposed to know if the listing you are going to has a new lockbox or an old one? We didn't get enough lockboxes to cover all our active inventory and likely no other agencies did, so for some time there would be both...seems very confusing...did they cover this? I imagine for some time many properties will have both new and old."


They will transition to using the app most of the time. NXT (older) and BLE (new) boxes both open with the app:  NXT using a code and BLE through Bluetooth (BT) connection. You shouldn’t need to know which type of box a listing has on it.  But it is important to keep your card with you.

BLE (new white boxes): Unless there is a problem, no cell coverage is needed. Enable Bluetooth on your phone and start the SentriSmart app, press ENT on the box and they should talk. Enter your PIN on the phone > Done and the box opens.  (Side note:  Shackle release using SentriSmart on the new boxes no longer chirps, so make sure to grab the box so it doesn't smash your foot!) 

IF Bluetooth failed to connect, then use the Mobile Access Code the app gives you, just like with NXT boxes. All else fails:  Call the CARS system at 877-736-8745 for a card renewal code and renew your SentriCard at the lockbox.  

NXT (old blue boxes):  Wherever there is cell coverage, use SentriSmart to create a Mobile Access Code to key into the box. Opens just like a one-day code.

IF there is NO cell coverage, the app provides a card renewal code you can use in the box to renew the card for the remainder of the day. After that the CARD becomes the Key until it expires at midnight. While the card is the Key, you can still use the app to Manage BLE boxes, but not open them until the next day.