When & how can I list a property in GNMLS more than once?

GNMLS rules allow for limited circumstances where more than one listing might be entered for a property:

  • If a property fully qualifies as both residential and commercial, the property may be entered under both databases.  When sold, one listing must be marked Sold and the other listing should be canceled.


  • Residential property offered in multiple acreage configurations may be represented in the MLS up to a maximum of three (3) listings if the seller will subdivide the property. Other configuration possibilities may be described in the property description remarks or supporting documents section.
    • Use the “Unit” field to distinguish the addresses. Example:
      • Listing 1 (House + all land):
        • Street Number & Name: 123 Any Rd
        • Unit:  w/40 ac
      • Listing 2 (House + 5 acres fractional land):
        • Street Number & Name: 123 Any Rd
        • Unit: w/5 ac
      • Listing 3 (35 acres of land not included in #2):
        • Street Number & Name: ON Any Rd 
        • Unit: (Leave blank)