What is “Public Marketing”?

The GNMLS requires entry of listings into the MLS prior to any public marketing.  Office Exclusive listings may not be publicly marketed.  So what does that include?

First, what is “public”? Anything beyond one-on-one communications with your customers/clients or agents within your office is considered “public” marketing.  Some examples include making a post on social media, a blog or website, posting or distributing a flyer or leaving one onsite, printing in a homes magazine or newspaper.  Posting a sign on the property or offsite is public.  Sharing with an agent outside your office or sending emails to multiple recipients.  This is not an all-inclusive list, but some examples.

Second, what is meant by “marketing”?  Marketing is any attempt to generate interest in a thing or event, so it does not matter if you don’t include the address or a price or other details.  Merely announcing you have a new listing coming soon is an attempt to generate interest.  You hope someone contacts you to inquire about your new listing.

The prohibition from public marketing applies to everyone: the listing agent, other agents, the home-owner or anyone else.  You can’t just ask the seller or a friend to get the word out for you.  If the listing becomes public, you are obliged to share it with other GNMLS Subscribers.