What are the policies for adding waterfront listings?

Here is how to mark listings for waterfront:

Lakes must be in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Lake book (PUB-FH-800) in order to be entered in the MLS database. Private and man-made lakes that are not recognized by the DNR will not be entered into the lake name search selection. To ensure that private and man-made lake property is searchable as an on-water property, the shoreline footage must be entered into the MLS database and the lake name field left blank. Upon electronic submission the lake name field will auto-populate with the words, “Unnamed Lake”. The GNMLS Board may choose to add non-DNR listed water bodies on a case-by-case basis. Lake chains are defined as two or more lakes connected by a waterway navigable by powerboat.


“No” is to be marked unless one of the other options is true. Off-water means the owner has no private rights to shoreline and no lake or river may be named in those fields.

"Yes" is to be used only when the wholly-owned property abuts the water on shoreline owned by the seller.

"Deeded Access/Rights" means the homeowner either owns an interest in a waterfront lot or their deed grants them ingress/egress access to the waterfront over the riparian owner's land.  If you choose "Deeded Access/Rights", you may input the lake name in the Lake Name field only if there is actual deeded, non-public rights to lake access, provided you also include deeded access/rights in the Site Influence and Remarks fields.  Remarks should also indicate if the frontage is shared.

"Other" may indicate trailer park lot rental grants access to waterfront; frontage feet should be left blank; must also be explained in the general Remarks. May also indicate a pond or wetlands.

If the number of frontage feet is shown but it is shared, then the remarks must make it clear that frontage is shared. This would include Condo shoreline that is shared by multiple owners. Waterfront = Other would indicate a pond or wetlands bordering or enclosed in the property.

Be sure to use the Site Influence options to specify the type of frontage such as Lake, River, Creek, Full Rec or Restricted, on Bay, Channel, etc. Mark the separate indicator if on a Chain of Lakes or not. Lake chains are defined as two or more lakes connected by a waterway navigable by powerboat.