How do I renew ZipForm?

If you received a renewal notice/popup from the ZipForm desktop Windows application, that is because you have subscribed to Zipform (desktop) at your own expense.  To renew the desktop application, you must logon to (using the same credentials you use for the desktop version), click "Renew Now" at the prompt (or click "Shop" on the ZF+ menu), then add "Zipform Standard Edition" to your cart which costs $29.95 for all WRA Members.  Follow the instructions from there to checkout and pay, and it should then automatically reactivate desktop Zipform Standard next time you launch the program.

NOTE: ZipForm Plus online is provided to all REALTORS as a NAR benefit.  You do not need to do anything to renew Zipform Plus since it is automatic, and it contains all the functionality of Zipform Standard and more.  The only difference is that you access Zipform Plus through your web browser, whereas Zipform Standard is a Windows program installed on your computer (similar to the difference between InterfaceExpress and desktop Interface).  You can access ZipForm Plus here:

For more information about ZipForm, visit or call the ZipForm Helpdesk at 800-383-9805.