How can I report a problem I see with information on a listing?

To report a listing error, you should open the listing details page in Xposure and (at top right), go to Actions > Report this Listing.  You will have some dropdown general choices for error type and may check one or more.

Use the Remarks to clearly explain the problem(s) and the GNMLS Policy(ies) being violated (include policy doc name & applicable section). When you Send this report, it will anonymously notify both the listing agent and GNMLS staff at the board office.  Full disclosure:  While the error report is also sent anonymously to GNMLS staff, the GNMLS office can identify who reported the error if necessary (eg: spamming/abuse).

MLS# 20xxxx
Select Report Reason (Check all / Uncheck all):

Branding / self promotion in remarks
Branding / self promotion in media/docs
Displaying wrong status
Lake information incorrect
Location incorrect
Marketing prior to MLS entry - document
Photos that don't belong to this property
Photos include people or pets
Missing documents
Showings not available
Square footage incorrect

GNMLS Error Report Example:

Check “Location incorrect"
Remarks: Property is located in the town of Pelican, not the city of Rhinelander.  See GNMLS P&P Section VI.G. that says Property must be listed in the actual taxing municipality in which it lies.