How can I input a sale into GNMLS for a FSBO or non-GNMLS listing firm?

Non-member or FSBO entry – No listing contract data entry:

  • Always enter AFTER the closing date as there is no marketing in GNMLS.
  • Collect all normal property information, photos, documents, etc.
    • If it is a non-member listing get a data sheet and correct listing date, offer acceptance, contingencies, etc.
  • When the listing is entered into GNMLS (under the selling agent’s name) send MLS the waiver for Late Listing with MLS number and stating Non-member listing. Note to MLS staff it needs to be changed to a Non-member listing.
    • Be sure to mark Internet = NO so this does not go to numerous sites before changing to Sold status.
    • Begin Agent and General Remarks with “SOLD BEFORE PRINT”
      (This will give notice to appraisers and others why it is entered late.)

For non-member selling agents type “non” in the selling agent name field and then select non-member.