Can I list a condo in the MLS as single family detached?

First, you need to use the appropriate WB-4 and WB-14 forms to conform to DSPS rules REEB 16.04.

Then for entry, you must check Yes for the question of whether it is a condo property and you must include Condominium as one of the Title choices. If the unit is a stand alone detached home, you may choose to use either Single Family Detached or Condominium as the Property Type. Note that Property Type refers more to the characteristics of the building or land than it does to the ownership rights.

Finally, you need to make your other appropriate condo disclosures for the fees, name the condo association in the Legal Description, include the condo docs, etc.  If it has water frontage, be sure you have disclosed that it is shared frontage.  Amenities in common, if mentioned, should be clearly noted that they are held in common such as a pier, laundry facilities or a bar/rec room.