2018 Continuing Education Registration

Please fill out the form below (make sure to click "Submit" at bottom) to register for 2018 NWAR-hosted video CE courses. 

"6-for-5" DISCOUNT: NWAR Members who take all 6 CE classes with NWAR (video or live) may subtract the cost of one class from your registration payment (eg: pay $125 instead of $150).  If you register at the link above for live CE classes in April however, you must prepay WRA for all classes and NWAR will send you a rebate check for the cost of one live CE class ($27) after you complete all six live CE classes.

TIMELY RENEWAL CREDITS: 2018 timely renewal credits may also be applied toward the cost of NWAR-hosted CE classes. Verify if you have a credit here: NWAR RENEWAL CREDITS

To redeem your credit toward NWAR-hosted video CE classes, fill out the form below and check the box to redeem the renewal credit, then subtract $25 from your payment (or $50 if also using 6-for-5 discount)

To redeem a renewal credit toward the LIVE classes in April, please register and pay in advance (link at top) and fill out the form below noting you wish to redeem your timely renewal credit and skip the video CE registration section. Once you have completed at least one live CE class in April, NWAR will mail you a check for $25 for your renewal credit (we have to do it this way since live CE registration is handled by WRA).

Please contact Matt at matt@northwoodsrealtors.org or 715-356-3400 if you have any questions or if your office would like to sponsor breakfast at one of the live CE classes in April.