WRA Calls to Action

WRA Call to Action

WRA released two important Calls to Action on February 12th asking REALTORS to contact your legislators to support the Wisconsin Housing Affordability Bill (AB 770) and the Affordable Rental Housing Bill (AB 771).

AB 770 aims to increase the supply and reduce the cost of housing in Wisconsin by (a) streamlining the local approval process for new subdivisions, (b) reducing the local fees imposed on new homes, and (c) creating incentives for municipalities to increase the supply of more affordable homes on smaller lots.  CLICK HERE to join this Call to Action.

Over the last seven years, the Wisconsin Legislature has addressed a variety of landlord-tenant issues to provide greater clarity in the law and to balance the rights between tenants and landlords. This session's landlord-tenant bill, AB 771, is designed to address affordability issues such as historic preservation, excessive rental inspection fees, the rental weatherization program, and the growing problem with fraudulent emotional support animals.  CLICK HERE to join this Call to Action.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to contact legislators urging them to pass these important bills that protect homeownership and property rights in Wisconsin.