The NWAR board recently chose to join the Connect Americans Now coalition that is asking the FCC and Congress to help promote rural broadband by permitting free, unlicensed access to a small portion of the TV White Space spectrum that became available when over-the-air TV broadcasts converted to all-digital a few years ago.

NWAR sent a letter to the FCC and our federal Congresspersons recently asking them to support this initiative, which a study identified as the most efficient way to deliver broadband to rural areas with lower population densities as we have in much of the Northwoods.  There was also a Lakeland Times column recently with info about this initiative and actions being taken by state lawmakers.

To learn more about TV white spaces and how it can benefit our community, we encourage you to read this 2-page summary or the full whitepaper and consider contacting your Congressperson to ask them for help in promoting this promising new technology.