New NWAR Member Benefit Programs

WI Benefit Planning

In a partnership between NWAR and Wisconsin Benefit Planning, the following new benefits are now available to all NWAR Members:



LegalShield gives you and your employees the ability to pick up the phone and contact your law firm for any situation, traumatic or trivial without ever receiving a high hourly bill. For a low flat monthly fee (or payroll deduction) you can have unlimited access to your law firm for advice and consultation.

IDShield is the premier Identity Theft program in the United States. Powered by Kroll, Inc., it’s the only service which does full restoration of your identity with licensed private investigators. They will do whatever it takes for as long as it take to restore you back to pre-theft status and back that up with a $5 Million Service Guarantee. Additionally, they monitor what matters in your life from your driver’s license, passport, SSN, social media sites and much more, not just your credit files. Both benefits are available as follows:

  • No minimum participation. Any member can enroll online for the group rate on a direct pay basis.
  • With a LegalShield Small Business Plan and 3 enrolling employees, you have the option to payroll deduct the benefit and can also include it in your Defined Contribution Plan.

LegalShield & IDShield Info & Registration:


IL Mutual

Individual Disability Income policy provides a benefit to help pay your basic monthly living expenses should you become sick or hurt and Totally Disabled. Some basic monthly expenses that you could use a Disability benefit to help pay for include mortgage, rent, utilities, groceries, car payments, child care or credit card balances.  Call WI Benefit Planning at 715-356-2300 to learn more.

  • Guaranteed renewable to age 67 which means as long as premiums are paid, the policy cannot be canceled
  • Receive base benefits in addition to Social Security or workers’ compensation
  • 24-hour coverage, 7-days a week, on or off the job


Companion Life

The “Defined Contribution Plan” is one-of-a-kind and available through Companion Life Insurance. Through this plan, you can offer big business benefits on a small business budget.

How it works: Each member group with 2 or more employees chooses a dollar amount that will go towards these benefits. Think of it as a gift card to the employee benefits store. Minimum is only $25 per employee per month but can be any amount over $25. The employees then choose between the following benefit offerings:

  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Voluntary Life Insurance 
  • Vision Insurance                          
  • Critical Illness Coverage

If the employee only spends up to the “Defined Contribution” they will owe nothing for their benefits. If they choose to spend more, any amount over will be payroll deducted. For a very low minimum monthly cost you can now offer a full range of employee benefits without worrying about participation requirements or different contribution amounts per coverage offerings.  Call WI Benefit Planning at 715-356-2300 to learn more.