Fair Housing Month Resources



Attention REALTORS: Please print and display NAR's 2021 Fair Housing Poster during Fair Housing Month and throughout the year to reaffirm your commitment to providing equal service to all buyers and sellers.

NAR also released a free "Fairhaven" simulation that challenges REALTORS to uphold fair housing principles during a simulated sales season to reach your sales goal.

REALTORS can also take a quick WRA Fair Housing Quiz to test your understanding of Fair Housing laws.

Remember that in addition to federal Fair Housing laws prohibiting discrimination based upon: race, color, family status, disability, sex, national origin and religion, Wisconsin Fair Housing law also prohibits discrimination based upon: marital status, ancestry, lawful source of income, sexual orientation, age, and status as a victim of domestic/sexual abuse or stalking.

Thank you for renewing your commitment to Fair Housing and equal service to all Northwoods buyers and sellers!